Artist Statement

“I am interested in the interaction between plants and their immediate environment. The atmospheric interpretation of natural elements such as light, wind, and rain upon the subject. How these energies can both convey in a temporary way e.g. wind creating movement, and how they can be permanently reflected e.g. wind effecting the angle of growth in a form, giving the subject a sense of history and mortality.

These screen prints are intended to be decorative designs, developed from observational drawings. The bold colours are a combination of imagination and emotional expression of senses. The collective response to light, wind, smell, sound all travelling around and through a subject, in a given moment in time.”


Lucie Taylor was born in 1975 and grew up in Bath. She studied illustration at Falmouth College of Arts and graduated in 1998.

She then went on to study horticulture and garden professionally in Cornwall. She moved to Edinburgh in 2005 to study costume at Edinburgh College of Arts, graduating in 2008. She now works in horticulture part time, combining this with drawing and printing.